About a journey

I’m an old graphic designer from way back when the illustrations were done by us, the illustrators. The letters were Letraset letters we had to rub onto sectional tracing paper … oh yes, that is correct young one … every single letter, every comma, every spelling mistake was diligently placed in the ads and brochures we made, by hand. Don’t get me started on point sizes, red foil, process cameras, dot shapes and lay sheets … that was 30 years ago … I forgot (almost) all about it. I became an actress instead … and a playwright … and I also wrote a couple of short novels. Slowly but surely my expression became more and more silent.

Life moves in mysterious ways and the river brought me back to the ink and paper. So here I am, working with shapes and colors while quietly observing the different mediums behavior on the surface. Not that different from being an actress dancing in a room or shooting a perfect line into the darkness of a theater stage.

As you can see on my Insta profile I’ve tried out (a lot of) different approaches, trying to narrow it down to an eatable expression. Slowly, after 6 months work, I’m getting an idea of what’s inside of me. That will of cause change like the breath of an animal in the forest: playing, running, fighting and resting. So don’t get attached, form move, directions change.

I’d love it if you would join me here on this page and follow me … hmm, newsletter takes me elsewhere – out of the breath of art … let’s call it “A story of a journey into the world of silence and colour.”

Hope to see you, I’ll write a story for you every other month on the blog … enjoy the day and love as much as you can … always.